Wednesday, October 2, 2013

K10: Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry by Jennifer Ann Mann

The Kidliterati Ten is an interview series with young readers. We ask them about a favorite book and hope that you enjoy their answers.

Tell us a little about yourself: what is your first name, how old are you, and what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Caroline. I'm seven, and my favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip or cookie dough.

What book did you read and why did you choose it?

SUNNY SWEET IS SO NOT SORRY. My mom brought it home for me.

Can you describe this book in one word?


What was your favorite part of this story?

My favorite part was when they had to shave Masha's head to get the flowers off. 

If you had a problem similar to the main character's problem, what would you do?

If I woke up with flowers glued to my head, I would come downstairs and tell my mom and then I would try to pull them out.

What would you say to your best friend to convince them to read this book?

It's really cool and I want you to read it because you'll love it.

What do you think about the book's cover?

It's pretty and I think it's funny that Sunny is hiding the glue behind her back.

Would you want to read another book about these characters? Why or why not?

Yes. Because I really liked the book and I want to read SUNNY SWEET IS SO DEAD MEAT the very first day it comes out.

Can you name another book that reminds you of this one?


If you could ask the author one question about this book, what would it be?

I would ask whether she has a little sister and if she's just like Sunny.

We contacted Jennifer Ann Mann and here was her reply:

I have two little sisters and one big sister. Sunny is a mix of all three. My big sister was evil. My little sister was a genius. And my baby sister was the cutest thing in the entire world. I mixed them all together and created Sunny. Here is a picture of the four of us. I'm the one in the horrible green jumper!

Thank you, Caroline, for sharing Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry with The Kidliterati!


Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry by Jennifer Ann Mann

We’ve all woken up on the wrong side of the bed. But have you ever woken up stuck to the bed? Masha Sweet has. And there’s only one possible reason: her little sister Sunny. Masha is used to Sunny’s evil genius ways, but the glue Sunny used to secure a bouquet of plastic daisies to Masha’s head is not coming out! The girls have to stay home from school and through a bizarre turn of events, they wind up at the hospital. It’s the perfect place to fix Masha’s head…but first they will (almost) contract a (not so) killer virus, steal a cast, and lead the nurses on a wild goose chase. When this is all over, Sunny Sweet is going to be so sorry!

 ----- Jennifer -----

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