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An Interview with Talia from WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP? + a Giveaway!

When I read Ella Martin's WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP? (see my review of it here), I fell in character-love with Talia. She's the main character Bianca's best friend, and what I loved most about her is the way she's not afraid to tell Bianca exactly what she thinks. Talia's tough, funny, and direct, and is totally someone I would've been BFFs with in high school (we would've gone to Rocky Horror and discussed the finer points of The Crow).

So, when I heard that Ella Martin's characters would be up for blog interviews, I might've knocked a few people over to snatch Talia.

**(Stay tuned below the interview for a giveaway!)**


Talia: Thanks for the invite, Gail. Ooh, are those potato chips? Can I have some?

Gail: Help yourself. Anyway, we're glad you're here! So, let's get started. How long have you known Bianca, and how did you meet?

Talia: *thinks* Bianca and I went to the same preschool. We went to one of those warm and fuzzy schools where the teachers don't refer to the other kids as your classmates, they automatically label them "friends" for you. So I'm not exactly sure when we were really friends, like, of our own choosing, but, yeah, she's been around for as long as I can remember. I think we started saying we were each other's best friend in, like, kindergarten, maybe? It's been a while.

Gail: My kid goes to one of those preschools. She had sixteen insta-friends her first day. Okay, next question. What did you think of this whole homecoming princess experiment that Finn and Jake dreamed up and made Bianca their test subject for?

Talia: Okay, first, I have to say that when Finn and Jake get some crazy idea in their heads, you can't change their minds. Like, in second grade, they did something to Fluffy's hamster wheel in Mrs. Alvarez's class so that when he ran on it, it would release a treat into his cage. And it was all well and good until Fluffy ate too much and died. So, since this was just a social experiment, I figured it was harmless. Stupid, but harmless. *shrugs*

Gail: Poor Fluffy! Okay, here's a cute hamster picture so we can all forget about Fluffy:

Used under a Creative Commons License
All right, where was I? Right. So your friend Ally runs this crazy popular gossip blog. What's your best advice to avoid becoming the star of it?

Talia: Other than threatening her with her life, you mean? Because that's been pretty effective.

Gail: All right. Violence. Got it. Soooo....what do you look for in a Prince Charming?

Talia: *rolls eyes* Prince Charming doesn't exist. I mean, yeah, Bianca's boyfriend is awesome and all, but, whatevs. That whole love and being in love thing? Yeah, ask Ally. I'm so not your girl. *thinks* But if he did exist--and I'm not saying he does--he'd be someone who knows me better than I know myself. He'd just get me.

Gail: Mmm hmm. Speaking of Prince Charmings, what exactly is going on with you and Jake the cute band guy, hmm?

Talia: *chokes on potato chips* Did Ally put you up to that? ALLY! *runs out the door*

Gail: Um, okay! Thanks for coming! By the way, you all, I googled Prince Charming, and this is what came up:

Photo courtesy of AngelGirl Ragdolls
Used under a Creative Commons license
To find out whether Bianca ends up with Prince Charming the prize-winning show cat, or an actual person, you'll have to read WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP?, out from Astraea Press on Monday, July 1st! (Or you can read the real plot of the book on Goodreads.) The ebook will be available at Barnes & Noble online, Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and iBooks.

About the Author:

Ella Martin is a prep school survivor and a Southern California native. She writes books about spunky teenagers who are way cooler than she ever was, and she totally believes in love and happy endings. She likes sunny places and is terrified of snowy winters, so she now lives in Florida with her husband and son.

You can find her online at her blog, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Tumblr, and on Instagram.

She's represented by literary agent Julia A. Weber.

And now.... it's giveaway time!!

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  1. A fun interview! I love the cover too. :)

    1. Thanks, Tonja! I adore the cover....I kind of want that dress. Don't know where I'd wear it, but still. :)


  2. That's not my idea of Prince Charming either ;)

  3. What a great resource. I'm excited to follow this blog:-)

  4. That was such a unique interview. And the cover is gorgeous! I can't wait to read this:)

  5. Talia has so much personality she should have her own book too! I think it sounds like a unique hook for a plot, and how cool to interview characters!

    1. Well, Ella got a three-book deal, so....we just might luck out with a book about Talia! ;)

      And thank you!!

  6. You had me with the title: WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP. Perfect. Gonna read it.

  7. Ahhh so EXCITING! And what a great title! Definitely adding to my read list.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love the title too! Sounds like a fun read.

    1. Definitely a fun read! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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