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The Big Book of Superheroes The Big Book of Superheroes by Bart King
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Let's face it, superheroes are a big deal these days. Doesn't it seem like a new superhero movie comes out every other week? I can barely keep up with Marvel these days! As the mother of three boys my house is Iron Man, Captain America, and Hawkeye all day. It takes all my energy to keep them from turning common household items into shields and crossbows.

So when I found the THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES I knew this would be perfect for my superhero loving kids.

Ninja style, I left THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES on the kitchen table.

"What's this, mom," my son said when he came home.

I shrugged. "Oh, I thought you might like that."

"Hmph," he said thumbing through the book.

A half hour later he was still sitting there reading, an occasional giggle or snort escaping from his throat.

Until his brother snatched it away.

The book kept my sons entertained for days.

Confession: I might be a mom, but I love superheroes as much as my kids, and I loved this book as much as they did. Use this handbook to select a superhero name, power, and secret identity. Wondering how to make a jetpack? How about customizing a secret lair? And if you really want to mess with your parents: dog food and a toilet. Trust me on this one.

THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES is a fun, lighthearted read for superhero loving kids (or their parents).

Want to see if you have what it takes to be a superhero? We're giving away one hardcover copy of Bart King's book. Use the Rafflecopter below, and don't forget to tell us in the comments what super power you would pick. Good luck!
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  1. Sometimes I wish I were invisible. That would be a superpower I wouldn't mind having! *imagining all the things I would do*

  2. The ability to teleport would be my superpower. I would love to be able to go places without the inconvenience of getting there. Just think about being somewhere and *POOF* you're there.

  3. Super speed wouldn't be bad. Or just plain flying. *Sigh* The possibilities are endless.

  4. Well, X-Men's Mystique basically has the power of anyone she turns into, so you could pretty much have anything! And the mischief I could pull off...

  5. Simple, yet effective not-even-so-Super Power. I'd like the ability to initiate a slow leak in just one tire of the car driven by the butthead who just cut a bunch of us off in traffic because his time is much more important than ours. No harm to anyone. Just balancing the universe one tire at a time (pun unintended but proudly acknowledged after I noticed it). I guess this wouldn't be the kids' first choice but it's mine nonetheless!

  6. If I were a superhero, my power would be the ability to read people's minds. That way I could anticipate what they were going to do before they had the chance to execute it.


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