Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Secrets of Kidlit: Reconnecting With Your Love of Writing

Some people discover their love for writing through an English class of some sort. Some people fall in love with poetry so they decide to start writing their own. Others like myself fall in love with a TV show or a book or book series and decide not to let the world of the characters go. So they start writing Fanfiction which in turns led them to discover their love for writing.

Isn't it a bit crazy that I clearly remember the time around which I started what I now know as Fanfiction? Please take a walk with me down this memory lane.

I was either Ten or Eleven. I had discovered the animated TV series The Pirates of Dark Water (Hanna-Barbera Production). It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It had pirates, monsters, a quest, and best of all the cutest male protagonist ever. Unfortunately the video club my mother was subscribed to only had a couple of VHS tapes so of course all the episodes weren't available to me. It was quite unfortunate that I would never get to know whether or not Ren completed his destiny and managed to survive Bloth the despicable pirate. After countless runs and re-runs of those tapes I decided to finish the story the way I deemed it should. That was my  foray into the world of Fanfiction. Let's not think  about any of those notebooks I willingly sacrificed for the greater good.

I've shared in the past how I was struggling to reconnect with my writer self. As a writer on her journey to become a published writer I've heard different opinions on the subject of Fanfiction. I forgot (momentarily) that there was a time, Fanfiction was all I knew and writing it made me incredibly happy. I have a few favorite shows and books which contents I could draw on. However, considering how much Fanfiction's reputation has suffered recently I was hesitant at first.

Fortunately I conquered my fears and eventually started writing. I wrote some nonsensical stuff, but it felt amazing writing that short piece of Fanfiction. It reopened my heart and mind to the thrill of running wild with a plot line and not looking back.

I've decided to share my story just in case another writer out there is struggling to reconnect with writing. If that writer is you, I recommend seeking out and rediscovering the reason why you fell in love with writing in the first place. When you find it? Embrace it again. You never know what will come out of it. It may not give you a miracle cure but I'm pretty sure it will give you the boost you need to start moving in the right direction again.


  1. Great post, Akossiwa! I think it's not that unusual for people who plunge into writing to start by building off stories that connected strongly with them. I, too, started as a preteen by writing fan fiction of TV shows and movies I loved. I'd envision new characters and plotlines that would enhance the story in ways even more appealing in to me. Eventually, I grew confident enough, and strong enough, in my own ideas that I began writing original stories. But it was those first efforts with fan fiction that cemented the love of writing into my heart. Whenever writers are first starting out, or find themselves struggling, exploring different approaches to writing, including practicing techniques by expanding an existing story world, is a great way to build skills and confidence in what they can achieve.

    --Sam Taylor, AYAP Intern

  2. Love this, Akoss. You know what, I wrote a ton of little flash fiction pieces when I was first starting to write. I'd find a prompt on a website and enter. Working on my own very short pieces made me focus, and reading everyone else's entries helped me broaden my story ideas. I highly recommend flash fiction as a great way to exercise your writing muscles!

  3. Great post Akoss! Fan fiction is the perfect way to flex the writing muscles. You don't need to worry about world-building or characters. All that work has been done for you. All you need to do is tell a story. It's refreshing and yet a great way to build your writing skills.

  4. Such a creative and personal perspective, Akoss! It's inspiring to know the different ways writers find the muse.


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