Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Kidliterati Fashion Show!

My middle-grade debut, RUBY REINVENTED, is out in the world today!

We’re holding the book launch party at the spectacular Camden Public Library in Camden, Maine on Friday, November 6. The evening will include a fashion show with readers ages 9-13. Since Ruby designs clothes to fit the personality of the individual wearing them, the kids in the fashion show will choose an outfit that they feel fits their personality.

Here at Kidliterati, we’re doing the same thing! At our virtual fashion show, your favorite Kidliterati bloggers share their favorite outfits, and tell us why those outfits suit them (pun intended).


This is my favorite houndstooth tweed jacket.  There are ripping seams, but I just mend them and patch when needed. I love wearing a structured jacket. Helps pull me together, especially for those days when I'm not feeling so "together.”


For me, the clothes don't matter. Any old shirt is fine, and a pair of jeans preferably not on their first day from the dryer. The thing I wear to make me feel like me are my hiking boots. I bought them nearly 20 years ago and they've taken me to the tops of mountains and the bottoms of canyons. They feel more like my feet than my real feet do.


My favorite outfit is a hoodie and comfy jeans. I also wear a bit of red everyday. Today, I'm wearing my favorite red Chucks. This picture was taken on my patio where I write whenever the weather allows. And yes, that's a dog butt over my left shoulder. My dog Maddie follows me every I go and insisted on being in the picture.


I like to make art, so I like to wear art, too. This hoodie has been with me since I lived in Chicago ten years ago, and I wear it on days when I need to get pumped up to get something done. I try to wear something with a little art on it every day!


Two of my biggest loves (other than my family) - running and Disney. This is from the Tinkerbell Half Marathon last Mother's Day.


Shorts and a t-shirt are perfect examples of my personality because even on my most proper days, I'm super casual. And although this picture doesn't show off my socks, I'm wearing them. And they're weird and wacky...very much like me.


A t-shirt (this one is from one of my favorite local shops), cropped pants, and hiking boots. And my favorite floppy hat. Comfortable, relaxed, and good for hiking in the mountains. :) The cool-weather equivalent would be jeans and a hoodie.


Here's a goofy Halloween snap of me as Gerrard the Headbanger. For someone who thinks too much and works too hard, it's fun being Gerrard, because even though he's not too smart, he knows how to have a good time! :-)


No, I don't wear my R2D2 dress to the supermarket or to drop off my kids at school, but it does have a place and time. I most recently wore it at Disney World. As the mother of 3 boys my house is Star Wars all day every day, and wearing this dress makes them happy which makes me happy. As silly as this dress is, the kids actually think Mom is cool wearing it. I'll take that as a win.


These clothes fit my personality because they let me be tough and playful at the same time. Also, because I practice yoga in them, which is where I connect with my inner self.


Basically, I'm a huge (literally) doofus, pop-culture super geek who loves to say arghhhhhh and will wear stupid hats to make people laugh.

I love bright colors and fun prints, so you can usually find me wearing a scarf like this one. And what outfit would be complete without a super cute card catalog bag? I usually end up at the library at some point during the day, and I like to be prepared. 

How about a huge round of applause for my fellow Kidliterati bloggers. Aren’t they fabulous?

Feel free to let us know what outfit fits your personality!

And if you'd like to learn more about RUBY REINVENTED, please read this wonderful review (which made me cry happy tears) from my friend and fashionista Brooks Benjamin.


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