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The Kidliterati Holiday Gift Guide For Young Readers

It’s that time of year, where stores get crazy-busy and you have to rack your brain for gift ideas. Lucky for you, we have you covered.

Whether your list includes a young reader, you want to encourage a reader or you are a reader and you just want to shop for yourself, this holiday gift guide will help.

The Kidliterati Holiday Gift Guide For Readers

Book Worm – A Reading Log for Kids

Book Journal

The Book Worm journal is great for your reader to keep track of the books they have read. It allows they to give the books a star rating and it encourages them to write stories of their own.

Lending Librarian

Does your reader already have a collection of books? Encourage him or her to share! With the Personal Library Kit, they will be able to encourage their friends to read more, too.


Wicked Witch Bookmark - Ruby Slippers Bookmark - Witch Legs Bookmark - Original Witch BookmarkThe trouble with a fun bookmark is that someone might pull it out of your book just to look at it and, in the process, lose your the place where you were reading. Legs bookmarks will attract that kind of attention. Who can resist getting a closer look at the Wicked Witch sticking out of your book?

Mark-My-Time digital bookmarks are great for keeping track of how long your reader is reading. This works for the reluctant reader to make sure they are getting enough word time in, as well as the competitive reader who wants to keep track of who reads the longest.

Library Card: Yellow socksLibrary Card: Blue scarf


Clothing that announces your love for reading is sure to be in style, whether you are looking for book-themed t-shirts, socks or scarves.

Today I’m Reading... Chalkboard-Surface Mug


A reading mug is the perfect way to start a dinner conversation about your reader’s latest book. They just have to use the included chalk to write of the the book they are currently reading right on the mug for everyone at the table to see.

Reading Light

HeadLamp Light Charcoal
Sneaking in some late night reading is much easier with a reading light. And your reader will like a headlamp light that makes it easy because then both hands will be free to hold the book while hiding under the covers.


Etsy has an amazing collection of jewelry, for kids, woman and men. There is book-themed, as well as reader or writer-themed pieces. Start your browsing here.

Mini book necklace  Book jewelry Miniature book necklace Book pendant Book lovers gift Handmade mini book Mini journal necklace Book giftSuper boy Comic Book Pendant Necklace Superhero Superman JewelryBook Ring ~ Brass Jewelry ~ Novelty Ring ~ Librarian ~ Book Lover ~ Adjustable Ring ~ Book Jewelry ~ Teacher Gift

Let your reader show off their love of books with some bling. From superhero pendants to books on necklaces or rings.
Antique Silver Typewriter Key Style Necklace - Initial Necklace - Typewriter Key Jewelry - Personalized Necklace

Do you have a budding author? One of my favorites is the typewriter key necklaces. They are the perfect thing for your reader who likes to also write.

Diplodocus Dinosaur Fair Trade Tote Bag, Reusable Shopper Bag, Cotton Tote, Shopping Bag, Eco Tote Bag Library Tote

Checking out a large stack of books from the library can be unwieldy and hard to carry. It’s easier to stock up when you have a tote in which to carry all your books home.


Story games can encourage imagination. As an added bonus, they can help with writing skills, too. Both The Sorymatic Kids! and Rory’s Story Cubes help young readers work on telling a better story while being fun to play.

Edgar Allan Poe Action Figure

Action Figure

Not all kids are into superheros, but maybe your reader would still like an action figure? An Edgar Allen Poe action figure would be fun for your young reader.

Or maybe your “ironic” teen reader.

Or maybe even to watch over your adult writing desk....


William Shakespeare Insult Bandages
Sometimes offering a bandage for a paper cut is insulting. Sometimes an insult is exactly what you need.


Harry Potter Solemnly Swear Throw, , alternateReading is so much nicer when you are warn and cozy. A blanket or pillow themed for your reader can create a perfect reading spot, where ever they decide to read. Of course, if you want to go all out, you could even build your reader a reading nook. There are plenty of ideas out on Pinterest for inspiration.

Fun Websites

Are you still wanting ideas? If you want to browse for some reader themed gifts on your own, check out these fun websites:
Out Of Print Clothing
Gone Reading
Hot Topic

Will any of these ideas make it onto your shopping list? Do you have gift ideas for readers that you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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