Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: BOUNDERS by Monica Tesler

Bounders by Monica Tesler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Want a middle grade read that’s out-of-this-world? Look no further than debut author Monica Tesler’s BOUNDERS. This super-fun space adventure came out last week and is already making a big splash across our planet (and probably other ones, too, if aliens have discovered reading yet.) 

Tesler's awesome sci-fi story follows Jasper Adams, a twelve-year-old Bounder. Like a small group of others, he was born specifically to go into space. He loves spending time with the other kids and learning how to be an astronaut. Everything seems like it’s going great - until Jasper and his friends learn that the people who brought them together may not be telling the Bounders the whole truth about why they're needed and what they're really there to do.

I was totally taken in by everything about this book: the amazing group of characters, the unique, well-developed world, and the excitement and adventure of it all. Prepare to be completely absorbed by this book, and then completely bummed that the next installment in the series isn't out yet. But fear not, Book 2 is COMING! Can't wait to revisit this wonderful world. 

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