Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Secrets of Kidlit: Spotlight/Giveaway for PAPERTOY GLOWBOTS by Brian Castleforte!

Did someone say glowing robots? Why yes, yes I did.

But these are the kind that, not only do you get to play with/display, but also build! And... all from a beyond nifty book by Brian Castleforte (who creates all sorts of amazing things, by the way!)!

Origami meets amazing creatures in a book of paper craft fun!

Papertoy Glowbots introduces 46 robots that have the added cool factor of lighting up, whether using glow-in-the-dark stickers that come with the book or light sources like flashlights, Christmas tree lights, and electric tea lights.

The 46 die-cut paper robots are created by Brian Castleforte, author of Papertoy Monsters, along with the hottest papertoy designers from around the world. Meet the robots and read about their entertaining backstories in the front, then turn to the card stock section in the back to build them. The templates are die-cut and ready to pop out, fold, and glue. Bold, colorful graphics ensure the robots look as amazing in the daytime as they do with the lights off.

Now, we all know how these things can sometimes go (I'm, ahem, looking at you Pinterist)... The super shiny, perfect picture of the finished product makes your sad attempt look like a plate of garbage? Yeah, that. But, we found this IS NOT the case with these projects, quite the contrary. 

Fun thing is, with Papertoy Glowbots you get to build on your skills or stick to the level where you're most comfortable. My girls (ages 10 and 12) had no problems building and had way more fun than I'd have ever guessed! Honestly, I was expecting a corner full of crumpled up, gluey, robot parts and instead we have a quickly crowding shelf of completed, uber awesome bots! Along with their simple step-by-step construction, I think what really pulled my kids in was that each bot has a backstory and a purpose, which is VERY cool and adds to all of that wonderful imaginative play. Check out some of our favorite Glowbots (I attempted glow-in-the-dark photos, but it wasn't meant to be. Though, trust me, they DO NOT disappoint!)...

PAPERTOY GLOWBOTS by Brian Castleforte is hot off the press and available in all of the usual bookish places. And... be sure to try your chance at the GIVEAWAY!

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  1. Great concept! Workman publishes engaging books. My teens would probably think these Glowbots are cool too.


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