Monday, December 4, 2017


The Vlogger Diaries: Confessions of an Internet SensationThe Vlogger Diaries: Confessions of an Internet Sensation by T. Collins
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If you can’t make friends, make followers! Olivia Warren is living the vlogging dream. With thousands of subscribers, a gorgeous boyfriend, and freebies coming through the door, it couldn’t be going better. But Olivia has a secret. The girl on the vlog isn’t her. How long can it last? Will Olivia be exposed as a fraud? And will Olivia’s cat ever stop sleeping and do something cute enough to go viral? Discover the hilarious story of one teenage girl’s journey from geeky nobody to online superstar . . . sort of.

This was a fun, fast read, perfect for tweens who are addicted to YouTube videos. Olivia's age is never mentioned in the book, but she feels about thirteen. She's recently changed schools and wants more than anything to find a new group of friends. With the end-of-year class trip to New York (the book is set in England) looming and her parents unable to afford to send her, Olivia's sure she can raise enough money through creating a vibrant and viral vlogger personality. The only problem is that when she tries to record her own video, she's a little less than impressed with the result. So she enlists the popular wannabe actress in her class to play Destiny, the perfect "vlogger" Olivia's created. With Olivia writing the scripts and Emma bringing the onscreen talent, Destiny rises to vlogging stardom faster than Olivia expected. But when a boy in their class figures out what they're up to and fans start recognizing Emma as Destiny, Olivia worries they won't be able to keep up the charade long enough to raise enough money for Olivia to go to New York.

The Vlogger Diaries was a lighthearted look at what it takes to be true to yourself. I especially loved the diary format and the humor. Recommended for kids who love YouTube, might be dealing with some friendship drama, or who just want a fun and entertaining read.

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