Wednesday, January 3, 2018

K10: PERIJEE AND ME by Ross Montgomery

Perijee and Me is a hilarious and touching story about an unusual friendship, a heart-stopping adventure, and the power of kindness when you’re faced with an alien invasion. If E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is still “right here” in your heart, then you’re sure to fall hard for the misunderstood Perijee and the one girl who’s desperate to save him.
 Caitlin is the only young person living on Middle Island. On the first day of vacation, she finds a tiny alien on the beach. Caitlin becomes close to her secret friend, whom she names Perijee, and treats him like a brother. Caitlin has a reading disability, but finds she is a good teacher, telling Perijee everything she knows about the world.  There’s only one problem: Perijee won’t stop growing. And growing . . . Caitlin will have to convince the adults around her—and Perijee himself—that the creature they see as a terrifying monster is anything but. When things get out of hand, brave Caitlin embarks on a journey to save Perijee before it’s too late.


Tell us a little about yourself: what is your first name, how old are you, and what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

My name is Sierra. I'm eleven-years-old and my favorite flavor of ice cream (right now) is pistachio.

What book did you read and why did you choose it?

I read Perijee and Me by Ross Montgomery. I chose it because the cover looked so intriguing--when I saw it on the library shelf it instantly caught my eye.

Can you describe this book in one word?


What was your favorite part of this story?

The part when Caitlin found Perijee and he was trying to figure out what the symbols on his body meant.

If you had a problem similar to the main character's problem, what would you do?

If I found a strange creature on the beach that I couldn't identify, I would leave it be and go show my parents instead of what Caitlin did.

What would you say to your best friend to convince them to read this book?

Do you like aliens? If so, you'll love this book Perijee and Me!

What do you think about the book's cover?

It was really intriguing and made me want to start reading it right away.

Would you want to read another book about these characters? Why or why not?

Yes, for sure! This was one of my favorite books EVER. I would really like to see if they find their way back to each other.

Can you name another book that reminds you of this one?

!SPOILER ALERT! Well, I don't know any other books about aliens that grow into fifty foot monsters, sooooo, no.

If you could ask the author one question about this book what would it be?
Is there going to be a second book? (...I assume not because it ended on a very non-second-y book note.)

**Thanks so much, Sierra, for sharing your love for this book with us!**

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