Monday, May 28, 2018

Review: The Serpent's Secret by Sayantani DasGupta

The Serpent's Secret (Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond, #1)The Serpent's Secret by Sayantani DasGupta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"The day my parents got swallowed by a rakkhosh and whisked away to another galactic dimension was a pretty craptastic day."

Kiranmala is a normal New Jersey middle-schooler. Well, except when a demon kidnaps her mom and dad on her twelfth birthday. Maybe her parents weren't telling crazy stories about another world after all. Two princes show up on her doorstep, help her stop another rampaging demon, and fly her off on winged horses to rescue her parents.

Maybe Kiran isn't so normal after all.

THE SERPENT'S SECRET is a page-turning adventure. The voice is perfect middle grade. My favorite part was seeing this world and the other dimension through Kiranmala's point of view. She's brave and funny with all the insecurities of being a middle-schooler. The story blends Indian folklore with astrophysics. Einstein and string theory get a shout out.

THE SERPENT'S SECRET will draw comparisons to another well-known series based on mythology, but it is far more than that. Kiranmala, our new demon-slaying heroine, is an important new character for a generation of diverse readers.

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