Wednesday, May 15, 2019

K10: The Girl in the Locked Room by Mary Downing Hahn

Tell us a little about yourself: what is your first name, how old are you, and what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My first name is Danni. I am nine and my favorite type of ice cream is cookies and cream.

What book did you read and why did you choose it? I read The Girl In The Locked Room. I chose it because it was my favorite book from the year. I couldn't remember much about the other books I read this year. This book was pretty scary.

Can you describe this book in one word? Creepy.

What was your favorite part of this story? When the girl/main character finds out that the six-year-old had been locked in her room for 100 years.

If you had a problem similar to the main character's problem, what would you do? It was a pretty bazaar problem.

What would you say to your best friend to convince them to read this book? "It’s creepy, awesome, and had a weird, but happy ending!!!"

What do you think about the book's cover? Like almost all the book, the cover is haunting.

Would you want to read another book about these characters? Why or why not? Yes, because they were cool, funny and I liked their accent.

Can you name another book that reminds you of this one? No. It was pretty "different."

If you could ask the author one question about this book what would it be? Would you write another book? PLEASE!

Thank you, Danni, for telling us about this book! I does look creepy! I can't wait to read it! It looks like Ms. Hahn has written several scary books for kids. You may want to check them out here.

You can read more about The Girl in the Locked room here.

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